Adventures in Online Learning Part 1: Calligraphic Script

Do you remember years ago when everybody was making scrapbooks?

Yeah, I know.

I was cleaning out my closet last weekend and re-discovered my box of stencils.


Don’t worry, they’re gone now. Somebody under age six will be thrilled to see what mom found in aisle three at Salvation Army.

But I was thinking about how much I enjoyed making art with paper. Some of it has rightfully found its final home in a landfill, but some of it wasn’t half bad. I made Valentine’s Day cards once that were a big hit with my friends. They were almost, you know, cool. I’m not too bad at cutting up paper and gluing it together.

That is, they looked cool until I had to write on them.

My handwriting isn’t bad, but it isn’t anything to brag about, either.


…and that is about as fancy as it gets.

But wouldn’t it be grand to be able to do something like this?

Wisdom by Ian Barnard

Beautiful, right? I would never have to buy a thank you note again. I would merely touch pen to paper and beautiful works of art would magically appear. Or at least something presentable.

The trick? Because this is a project for a class about technology and learning, I need to learn everything using only online sources.

This is my plan:

  1. Look at stuff on Pinterest.
  2. Read some blogs and watch some tutorials on YouTube.
  3. Start with something small, like a birthday card for a baby who can’t read.
  4. Troubleshoot and connect in one or two forums.
  5. Try something else, maybe a letter or a note to someone who thinks I am cute and won’t judge me.
  6. Maybe try out a few different styles.
  7. Eventually work up to something I can frame. Maybe part of a poem?

I already have paper and pens, some of it leftover from those long-ago days when I had free time and printed photographs to work with.

Supplies, etc.

I even have a fountain pen that I bought on a whim one day. Because that is what people sometimes do. Right?


Okay, so I guess that is just me. But hey, maybe it will come in handy for this project. Make sure to tune in next week for Adventures in Online Learning Part 2!


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