My Professional Learning Network

Who is on your (professional learning) team?

As a student, I knew that a mentor was never far away. My teachers, parents, coaches and many others were readily available to help me with a problem.

As I moved away from the role of “student” and into the role of “teacher”, the availability of mentors began to thin out, even though my need for quality input remains. Instead of waiting for mentors to come find me, it has become my responsibility to seek out the resources and mentors that I need to improve and support my teaching practice.

Below, you can see a Popplet that I made to show you some of the places where I find that positive input.

PLN Map   Dashe

Isn’t it interesting that all of these communities are ones that I access primarily online?

By staying connected to other professionals, I am able to stay up-to-date on the developments in my field, challenge myself to try new ideas, reach out when I need help with a problem, and help others with the problems that they encounter. They are on a “team” that helps me to be a better teacher tomorrow than I am today.


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