Adventures in Online Learning Part 3: I learned some things

Hello and welcome back to Adventures in Online Learning! In Part 1, I declared my intent to learn calligraphy. In Part 2, I admitted that what I really meant was “hand lettering”, and I tried out my first project. In Part 3, you will appreciate with me the mysteries of neat lines and even spacing, and cheer me on as I make another attempt, this time in purple!

For this second attempt, I once again followed MadeByMarzipan‘s step-by-step process, but with a different focus. Her tutorials were more about embellishments, but this time, I spent more energy on the font and the lettering. To help me, I looked up a few different resources. The first was Hand Lettering for Beginners, from which I borrowed the idea of using computer fonts as inspiration and guides. I also used Typography II: 4 Things You Need To Know To Pair Fonts Well, and The Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing. The latter two resources taught me some font basics (so that’s a serif!) and some inspiration on how to pair different fonts so that they complemented one another.

Ready to see Attempt #2? Take a look!


Here is a video explaining my step-by-step process.

Throughout this project, I have learned not only about hand-lettering, but also about how to find information online in pursuit of a new skill. For one thing, I learned that identifying the best key words is an important initial step for finding good sources. I also found that while Pinterest was a good starting point, YouTube tutorials and step-by-step blog posts with lots of pictures and description were the most useful resources overall. Finally, I have a new appreciation for the creators of educational content online. While information on how to do almost anything is available to anyone who looks for it, it still takes practice and skill to do something well.

As I take these principles into the classroom, I hope that I can convey to my students not only the incredible accessibility of information, but also how to navigate and use it to its greatest effect. Finally, I hope to help them to appreciate what makes certain resources valuable and to incorporate those elements into our own creations.



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