DreamIT Part II


My goal in this project is for my students to communicate in Spanish using multiple communicational modes. In doing so, they will demonstrate their understanding of the language and how it can be used in an authentic context. The proposed technology will enable my students to record videos, publish them online, and then interact with others online. 

The primary skills that my students will apply are Spanish language skills. By using video recorders and publishing the results, they will utilize all four skills of speaking, listening, writing and reading in Spanish. The proposed type of activity also includes the presentational (video), interpretive (listening to one another’s videos) and interpersonal (written comments and responses) modes of communication.

Authenticity and creativity are two additional goals that this type of activity will accomplish. Authentic communication is when students use Spanish to communicate original ideas that have value to them and to their listeners. There will be an further value because the format is open ended, inviting students to express their own personality and tastes. As a result, they acquire the perspective that Spanish is useful for self-expression, not only in a scripted or educational context.

Assessment will also be supported by the design of this project. I will be able to visit student pages to check their work and give them individual feedback. Students can also email or print their activity logs, and so I will be able to monitor and give feedback on the content and interactions between students.

Technology is a crucial component that supports each step of this project. Video recorders, facilitate the recording of students’ presentations, computers enable the editing and publishing of the videos, and the Internet also allows for students to interact with one another and give one another feedback. Technology also allows me to monitor students’ work and the interactions between them.


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